Our Book


Drawing on compelling picture books that can be used to directly support the new AASL National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries, this ready-to-go toolkit of lessons, worksheets, anchor charts, assessments, and rubrics is specifically designed for school librarians and other educators. An invaluable timesaver, this resource provides

  • 21 lessons that cover the six Shared Foundations, each following a formatted template that’s easy to follow and incorporates the four Domains (Think, Create, Share, Grow);
  • a picture book synopsis for each lesson, followed by that lesson’s objective, essential question, materials, and duration;
  • worksheets, anchor charts, and exit slips tailored for each picture book;
  • “Quick Tips” that offer helpful ideas and suggestions to consider during the lesson; and
  • an appendix that includes assessments and rubrics.

With this resource in hand, learners and educators alike will think, create, share, and grow as they work together to meet the new AASL Standards.

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