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We help educators deliver engaging lessons inspired by picture books. We have 8 years of experience working together to develop and deliver relevant lesson plans. We are both passionate about sharing lesson ideas inspired by compelling picture books. Our mission is to present wondrous lessons that support the standards.

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Rebecca Granatini

I am a passionate educator who looks for every opportunity to engage learners to recognize their own interests and talents and to  see the vital role they play in their communities.

Currently I hold a  K-6 Curriculum Specialist role, focused specifically on developing science, math and social studies curriculum and teaching practices. I frequently offer professional development district wide in content areas, as well as teacher support in implementation of standards and curriculum.  Previous to this position, I was an elementary educator, with experience in all grade levels, K-5.

email: bgranatini@gmail.com

Maureen Schlosser

My mission is to curate picture books that inspire readers to inquire about the world around them and make a difference. My vision is to develop literature-based library lessons that school librarians find useful in supporting the AASL standards.

I am a retired librarian who writes for Knowledge Quest and creates classes for Skillshare.com. As a school librarian, I was a co-chair for the Nutmeg Book Award. My articles about integrating the arts and advocacy were published in library journals. I also present at national and state conferences.

email: schlossercontentwriter@gmail.com

Take a look at our book, Lessons Inspired by Picture Books for Primary Gradesto find lessons that inspire collaborative partnerships.

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