Category: Family-Multigenerational

Soul Food Sunday

Summary When you think about family traditions, what comes to mind? Do you see food in your mental picture? In the book Soul Food Sunday, food brings the family together. Every Sunday, cars full of family members pull up to Granny‚Äôs house. Cousins, aunts… Continue Reading “Soul Food Sunday”

Ten Beautiful Things

Summary Life is always changing, and sometimes, change is hard. In Ten Beautiful Things, we learn how finding beauty in our surroundings can make things easier. The story starts with an illustration on the title page. Here, we see a grandmother loading up her… Continue Reading “Ten Beautiful Things”

Hike by Pete Oswald Lesson Activity

Summary Imagine telling a story using only illustrations. How would you engage readers to look closely at the images to gather meaning? Author-illustrator Pete Oswald is a master at visual storytelling. In his book Hike, Oswald uses vignettes, sequenced panels and double-page spreads to guide… Continue Reading “Hike by Pete Oswald Lesson Activity”

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