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Soul Food Sunday

Summary When you think about family traditions, what comes to mind? Do you see food in your mental picture? In the book Soul Food Sunday, food brings the family together. Every Sunday, cars full of family members pull up to Granny‚Äôs house. Cousins, aunts… Continue Reading “Soul Food Sunday”

The Circles All Around Us Lesson Activities

Summary If you need help making your way back into social circles, read The Circles All Around Us. This book reminds us how much better the world is when we include others in our lives. The story opens up with a child drawing a… Continue Reading “The Circles All Around Us Lesson Activities”

Our Favorite Day of the Year Lesson Activity

How do we build a sense of community in our classrooms? Start by reading Our Favorite Day of the Year by A. E. Ali and Rahele Jomepour Bell. This important story features a diverse classroom where cultural traditions are celebrated. The story begins with… Continue Reading “Our Favorite Day of the Year Lesson Activity”

The Patchwork Bike Activity

Summary Here’s something fun to try with The Patchwork Bike by Maxine Beneba Clarke and Van Thanh Rudd. Give the book to someone and tell them to check it out. Watch them as they read the pages. I am willing to bet the reader… Continue Reading “The Patchwork Bike Activity”

You Matter Lesson Activity

Summary Author-illustrator Christian Robinson cares about his readers. How do I know this? Let’s start with the title of his book You Matter. Here, we can almost imagine Robinson pointing at the reader, telling them with confidence, “You matter.” Readers will find more encouragement… Continue Reading “You Matter Lesson Activity”

It began With a Page: How Gyo Fujikawa Drew the Way Lesson Activity

Introduction Gyo Fujikawa did not see herself in the pages of picture books. She knew this was a problem. In the book It Began With a Page, we learn how Fujikawa paved the way for racial inclusion in picture books. The lesson activity invites… Continue Reading “It began With a Page: How Gyo Fujikawa Drew the Way Lesson Activity”

What is Given from the Heart Activity

Learn what true generosity looks like by reading What is Given from the Heart by Patricia McKissack and April Harrison. A lesson idea follows the summary.

Every Month Is A New Year Activity

Summary Are you looking for a book that teaches readers about the world around them? Take a look at Every Month is a New Year. It’s a treasure that needs to be explored by every child and educator. The book offers the quintessential window… Continue Reading “Every Month Is A New Year Activity”

Someone New Lesson Activity

Someone New Summary Imagine you have a learner in your classroom from another country. They speak their native language. How do you include them in your conversations to learn their perspective? Someone New illustrates how to welcome diverse learners in the classroom. Three different scenarios describe… Continue Reading “Someone New Lesson Activity”

I Walk With Vanessa: A Story About A Simple Act of Kindness Lesson

I Walk With Vanessa Summary I Walk With Vanessa is wordless book that provokes a conversation about racism. The story begins with a Black girl moving boxes into her new home with her family. Her name is Vanessa. Readers follow Vanessa as she starts her… Continue Reading “I Walk With Vanessa: A Story About A Simple Act of Kindness Lesson”

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