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Soul Food Sunday

Summary When you think about family traditions, what comes to mind? Do you see food in your mental picture? In the book Soul Food Sunday, food brings the family together. Every Sunday, cars full of family members pull up to Granny’s house. Cousins, aunts… Continue Reading “Soul Food Sunday”

Keep Your Head Up

Summary How do you turn your day around when it’s off to a bad start? In Keep Your Head Up, D. starts his day with a cloud over his head. He is in a bad mood. His alarm did not go off, and his… Continue Reading “Keep Your Head Up”

Milo Imagines the World Lesson Activity

Summary In When Milo gets anxious, he imagines stories about the people around him. He studies their faces and conjures up images of what their lives must be like. Milo captures his imagination by drawing his visions in his sketchpad. But could he be… Continue Reading “Milo Imagines the World Lesson Activity”

Parker Looks Up: An Extraordinary Moment Lesson Activity

Think of a time when a painting made you pause and wonder. What was it about the artwork that caught your attention? When Parker Curry was two years old, the portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama stopped her in her tracks. She was entranced… Continue Reading “Parker Looks Up: An Extraordinary Moment Lesson Activity”

What is Given from the Heart Activity

Learn what true generosity looks like by reading What is Given from the Heart by Patricia McKissack and April Harrison. A lesson idea follows the summary.

Let the Children March Lesson Activity

Summary It’s eerie to think that Let the Children March by Monica Clark-Robinson and Frank Morrison was published two months before the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C. The stories are the same; courageous children taking monumental risks to draw attention to atrocities.… Continue Reading “Let the Children March Lesson Activity”

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