Pies From Nowhere Lesson Activity

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“Every time I take a flight, I am always mindful of the many people who make a successful journey possible—the known pilots and the unknown ground crew.”

Martin Luther King spoke these words as he accepted the Noble Peace Prize. He was referring to incredible people like Georgia Gilmore. In Pies From Nowhere, by Dee Romito and Laura Freeman, we learn how Gilmore raised money during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. She baked pies and cakes and sold them to local businesses. Other women wanted to help, but they were afraid. They would lose their jobs if their bosses found out about the fundraising activities.  Gilmore promised to keep their names a secret. She would say the proceeds “came from nowhere.”

Romito does a beautiful job telling the story of quiet crew members. She addresses the unfairness of the times with descriptions for young audiences. Digital illustrations enrich the story. The Author’s Note gives more details about the Montgomery Bus Boycott and The Club from Nowhere. A recipe for pound cake with Gilmore’s name on it is featured on the back endpaper.


Response to Literature

AASL Standards Framework for Learners: Collaborate/Think III.A.3 Learners identify collaborative opportunities by deciding to solve problems informed by group interaction.

Write the following proverb on chart paper: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Explore the proverb with learners. Discuss how the women in the story wanted to help but were afraid. Ask learners to think about a time when they were afraid to help solve a problem. What made them fearful? How did they work around their fear?

Invite learners to share causes that are important to them. How can they contribute? Create a collaborative plan to make a difference.

You’ll appreciate listening to this recording of people describing Gilmore and her remarkable work.

This lesson activity supports the AASL Collaborate Shared Foundation. For more lesson ideas based on picture books about working together to get things done, check out more of our Collaborate blog posts!

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