Shaking Things Up: 14 Young Women Who Changed the World Lesson Activity

Post by Becky Granatini

Shaking Things Up Summary

From the author of the incredible book Ada’s Violin, Susan Hood invites us into the world of female innovators and activists. This book highlights, in poetic verse, the stories of fourteen young women that made a huge difference in the lives of women. Shaking Things Up delivers jumping off points to begin to understand the lives and important work of young innovators. What a great way to introduce students to these innovators and to offer a creative way to share understandings – through poetry!

Shaking Things Up Lesson Activity

AASL Standards Framework for Learners: Inquire/Think: l.A.1. Learners display curiosity and
initiative by formulating questions about a personal interest or a curricular topic

  • Read a poem aloud to learners.  Highlight the information both in the text as well as the illustration.
  • Ask learners to generate a question that connects to the shared poem, but will extend their understanding of the topic/person. Have them write it on a sticky note.
  • Collect question sticky notes and group according to topic.
  • Create student teams to begin an investigation about the topic.

Culminating Activity Idea:  Have students add to the existing poem or write another one in response to the shared poem to highlight their new learning. They could illustrate and find an authentic audience to share this work with.

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