Snail Crossing by Corey Tabor Lesson Activity

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Think of a time when you really wanted something. Did anything get in the way of you reaching your goal? In Snail Crossing, by Corey R. Tabor, Snail spies a cabbage patch on the other side of a countryside road. Snail loves cabbage, and is determined to crawl across the street to the garden. The journey will be difficult, but nothing will stop Snail from reaching the goal.

Readers will enjoy making predictions with Snail Crossing. Fun surprises mixed in with expected scenarios make this a fun read aloud. The audience will never guess the ending of this entertaining story.

Delightful illustrations describe a challenging journey from different viewpoints. Scenes from the sky and the street give readers an idea of how big the challenge is for Snail. Wavy lines that trail behind Snail add more information about a difficult trek.

Lesson Activity

AASL Standards Framework for Learners: Explore/Grow V.D.1 Learners develop through experience and reflection by iteratively responding to challenges.

Snail was determined to get to the cabbage patch. Nothing would stand in Snail’s way. Cars, crows and even the rain could not stop Snail.

After reading about Snail’s determination, invite learners to think about something they really want. This could be something they hope to achieve, learn or create.

Ask learners to consider obstacles that might get in the way of reaching their goal. How can they work around obstacles they may face? Direct learners to list the trouble spots. Then, invite learners to think of strategies to work around the anticipated problems. They can create a plan that will help them respond to possible challenges. Encourage learners to share ideas to gather more strategies.

This lesson activity supports the Explore Shared Foundation. Click here for more lessons that compel learners to explore.

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