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The Little House of Hope

Summary The Little House of Hope begins with an immigrant family from Cuba looking for affordable housing in the United States. They settle on a place that has a funky smell. Donated furniture and keepsakes give the home a cozy feel. Papi, Mami, Esperanza… Continue Reading “The Little House of Hope”

Lubna and Pebble Lesson Activity

Lubna and Pebble Summary How can we best support and encourage one another? How can we, ourselves, have courage in the face of adversity? In the book, Lubna and Pebble, Wendy Meddour and Daniel Egnéus offer many opportunities to consider the answers to these questions. The… Continue Reading “Lubna and Pebble Lesson Activity”

Gittel’s Journey: An Ellis Island Story by Lesléa Newman

Gittel’s Journey: An Ellis Island Story Summary Imagine leaving your country, all by yourself, at the age of ten. Now see yourself arriving in a new country. No one is there to meet you, and you don’t understand the language. Imagine what that must… Continue Reading “Gittel’s Journey: An Ellis Island Story by Lesléa Newman”

Dreamers Lesson Activity

Dreamers Summary Yuyi Morales reminds us how important libraries are in her book Dreamers. When Morales first arrived in America with her young son, she didn’t know how to speak English. She was afraid and unsure of her new surroundings. One day, she visited… Continue Reading “Dreamers Lesson Activity”

Someone New Lesson Activity

Someone New Summary Imagine you have a learner in your classroom from another country. They speak their native language. How do you include them in your conversations to learn their perspective? Someone New illustrates how to welcome diverse learners in the classroom. Three different scenarios describe… Continue Reading “Someone New Lesson Activity”

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