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A Green Place To Be: The Creation of Central Park Activity

Summary Imagine a contest where you get to design a community park. What would you include in your plan? In 1858, architect Calvert Vaux had great ideas for a park in New York City. He entered a contest with Frederick Law Olmsted, a landscape… Continue Reading “A Green Place To Be: The Creation of Central Park Activity”

Daniel’s Good Day Lesson Activity

Daniel’s Good Day Summary What makes a good day for you? This is the question Daniel asks neighbors in Daniel’s Good Day by Micha Archer. Everyone has a different answer, depending on what they are doing at the moment. A bus driver has a… Continue Reading “Daniel’s Good Day Lesson Activity”

Dreamers Lesson Activity

Dreamers Summary Yuyi Morales reminds us how important libraries are in her book Dreamers. When Morales first arrived in America with her young son, she didn’t know how to speak English. She was afraid and unsure of her new surroundings. One day, she visited… Continue Reading “Dreamers Lesson Activity”

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