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Camilla, Cartographer Lesson Activity

Camilla Cartographer Summary A cartographer is a person who draws or produces maps. Warthogs can draw maps, too. Well, only in the pages of this illuminating book about tracking your path. The story opens on a wintery day. A blanket of snow covers the… Continue Reading “Camilla, Cartographer Lesson Activity”

A Green Place To Be: The Creation of Central Park Activity

Summary Imagine a contest where you get to design a community park. What would you include in your plan? In 1858, architect Calvert Vaux had great ideas for a park in New York City. He entered a contest with Frederick Law Olmsted, a landscape… Continue Reading “A Green Place To Be: The Creation of Central Park Activity”

Snails Are Just My Speed! Lesson Activity

Snails Are Just My Speed Summary Do you have the book Snails Are Just My Speed! by Kevin McCloskey in your collection? If not, I highly recommend getting a few copies. Learners and educators are going to love this book. As the stamp on the left-hand… Continue Reading “Snails Are Just My Speed! Lesson Activity”

The Field Lesson Activity

The Field Summary What does a pick-up game of soccer look like in your neighborhood? Where do the children play? What sounds do you hear? In The Field, by Baptiste Paul, the reader has a front row seat to watch an exciting game that takes… Continue Reading “The Field Lesson Activity”

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