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Up In The Leaves: The True Story of the Central Park Treehouses by Shira Boss and Jamey Christoph

Summary Have you ever built a treehouse? Where did you build it? I bet it was in your backyard. Imagine building a treehouse in a public park. How would you accomplish that without anyone noticing? Especially when the park is in a busy city…

Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall

Summary With contemplative illustrations and word structure, Sophie Blackall tells the story of a lighthouse. Her creative talents shine with her ability to portray simultaneous events. We see the life of a lighthouse keeper contained in circles surrounded by rope. The evocative seascape takes…

Gittel’s Journey: An Ellis Island Story by Lesléa Newman

Summary Imagine leaving your country, all by yourself, at the age of ten. Now see yourself arriving in a new country. No one is there to meet you, and you don’t understand the language. Imagine what that must feel like. This is Gittel’s story….

Sonny’s Bridge: Jazz Legend Sonny Rollins Finds His Groove by Barry Wittenstein

Summary Sonny Rollins was born during the Harlem Renaissance; a time when jazz exploded all over the city. The movement cultivated genius musicians who grabbed the attention of music lovers everywhere. One entertainer caught Sonny Rollins’s eye. His name was Louis Jordan, and his…

Lessons Inspired by Picture Books for Primary Grades by Maureen Schlosser and Rebecca Granatini

Our Book is Published! We are so excited about the 21 lessons in this book! We hope you will be, too! We are passionate about picture books. We especially love books that compel us to think, create, share and grow. Many of our collaborative…

Look at the Weather by Britta Teckentrup

Look at the Weather by Britta Teckentrup compels readers to wonder about the weather. This lesson idea guides learners in a contemplative art exercise that supports the standards.

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