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Saturday at the Food Pantry Lesson Activity

Saturday at the Food Pantry Summary The story of Saturday at the Food Pantry begins in a kitchen. A smiling mother serves a bowl of chili to her daughter Molly. Molly is not happy about the meal. They’ve had the same chili every night… Continue Reading “Saturday at the Food Pantry Lesson Activity”

Ten Beautiful Things

Summary Life is always changing, and sometimes, change is hard. In Ten Beautiful Things, we learn how finding beauty in our surroundings can make things easier. The story starts with an illustration on the title page. Here, we see a grandmother loading up her… Continue Reading “Ten Beautiful Things”

Keep Your Head Up

Summary How do you turn your day around when it’s off to a bad start? In Keep Your Head Up, D. starts his day with a cloud over his head. He is in a bad mood. His alarm did not go off, and his… Continue Reading “Keep Your Head Up”

The Circles All Around Us Lesson Activities

Summary If you need help making your way back into social circles, read The Circles All Around Us. This book reminds us how much better the world is when we include others in our lives. The story opens up with a child drawing a… Continue Reading “The Circles All Around Us Lesson Activities”

Milo Imagines the World Lesson Activity

Summary In When Milo gets anxious, he imagines stories about the people around him. He studies their faces and conjures up images of what their lives must be like. Milo captures his imagination by drawing his visions in his sketchpad. But could he be… Continue Reading “Milo Imagines the World Lesson Activity”

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