The Field Lesson Activity

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The Field Summary

What does a pick-up game of soccer look like in your neighborhood? Where do the children play? What sounds do you hear? In The Field, by Baptiste Paul, the reader has a front row seat to watch an exciting game that takes place on a Caribbean island. Extraordinary action shots from different vantage points illustrate the story. You’ll watch the game from the top of a hill and behind large tropical leaves. A double page spread brings you close to the action where the players look like they could skid out of the book. Each illustration compels readers to wonder about the setting. Where do the players live? Why are the children playing around farm animals? Why are some houses on stilts? What materials did they use to make the soccer goal? Readers will also ask questions about the Creole words tucked in throughout the story. A guide at the end of the book offers the translations. Children who love sports and free play of any kind will enjoy this book. Curious learners will appreciate the opportunity to learn more about Saint Lucia, the Creole language, and soccer. Enjoy the book trailer.

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The Field Lesson Activity

AASL Standards Framework for Learners: Inquire/Think 1.A.1 Learners display curiosity and initiative by formulating questions about a personal interest or a curricular topic.

  • Ask learners what questions they have about the illustrations and dialogue as you read the story. Record answers on an anchor chart.
  • Model how to find answers to their questions using books, databases, and online resources.
  • Enrich learning by asking students to create a Venn Diagram that illustrates the similarities and differences between a local pick-up game of soccer and a game in Saint Lucia. The circles in the diagram can take the shape of a soccer ball.
  • Watch this unforgettable TMB Panyee FC short film to learn about a remarkable group of boys in Thailand who love soccer. They solve a problem by creating an interesting space to play.
  • Add a third circle to the Venn Diagram to compare and contrast soccer in Thailand with soccer that is close by and in Saint Lucia.

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